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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Books!

Driving down Church Street this morning after walking in the Forest, I noticed that there would be a book sale in an hour in the village hall.  Home for a quick shower and a cup of coffee then off to the hall to check it out.  It was being held as a fundraiser for the Frodsham and District Choral Society and this was my haul.  The one under the Anglo Files is one of the Australian Women's Weekly cookery books, this one on salads.  A bit ago I read Sheila Hancock's poignant first book The Two of Us about her sometimes stormy marriage to the late and much missed John Thaw.  This one is about life without him and promises to be just as good.  I began Bill Bryson's account of retracing his steps twenty years later around Europe and have had several chuckles, not the first time I've read it but it bears a second read or a third or a fourth....!

I could have bought so many more but was mindful that I was walking home!


  1. Ahh, I read a series by Claire Rayner years ago. Easy read. Well done carting so many books home!

    Julie in Australia

  2. Nice pile of books Gillie - plenty of choice.


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