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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A present.....

......from my sister - do you suppose she is trying to tell me something?


  1. mmmmmmmmmmm can't say anything mmmmmmm ..lol love mouse xxxx

  2. Must be a sister thing - I gave mine a plaque with that same saying!

  3. ROTFL What is it about sisters? They have a way of pointing out things better left unsaid. This reminds me of that comedian whose trademark saying is.... "Heeeeere's your sign"!

  4. Hi, just returning the following!

    I love the sign, I have one which says "I only have a kitchen because it came with the house" and "If a dirty kitchen is a happy kitchen then mine must be delirious" Hubby bought both for me!

  5. I put it in the food and in me.

    Gillie, it is most definitely a good thing if your family don't like asparagus -more for you!


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