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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Selections #165

Sunday Selections has moved!  This seems a much more sensible place for it.
The Sunday Selections meme is hosted by River at Drifting through Life. The rules are so simple as to be almost non-existent. Post some photos under the title Sunday Selections and link back to River. A chance to show off some of the photographs you have gathering dust in murky corners.
So, especially for EC ............ here are our herons

...where are the fish, then?

Phew! Smelly geese!

...let's pretend they're not there.
Ten days later, the ice has melted.
Enjoying the sunshine...
...more geese!!
what are THEY doing on my lake?
oh well...time to move on.


  1. Such a beautiful lake! Love the herons.

  2. How beautiful. And while I suspect that water is beyond chilly, at least the ice has (finally) melted.

  3. Hope that's the end to snow for a while the lake looks beautiful now

  4. Wonderful pictures!! Love the picture of the heron enjoying the sunshine. What a difference 10 days make!! So glad the ice is gone, a sure sign of spring!!

  5. Very cool that you have had Sandhills! What a treat. Now if only a Whooper would show up!

  6. Your snow is gone .....hip hip hooray!

  7. Lovely! And the colour of the lake is beautiful.

  8. Love your birds at Sunset Lake, I'm just now finding your Blog, Gillie. Good work, I'll be dropping in from time to time, yonnikka

  9. Hello there
    Popped over from River's to see your SS post. Love the herons and their lake. I wonder if they do get possessive when humans are around lol


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